​Every family courageous enough to foster deserves to have training, support, and community to help the children in their homes heal.

Fostering a child comes with uncomfortable uncertainty, so we connect foster families with the support they need to reduce the stress. This means that when a child is placed, we start by providing clothes, supplies and meals to meet immediate needs and remain in regular contact to offer a safe place to talk, training, advocacy and respite care. And, as a Restore Network family, you're embraced by a community of foster families eager to “do life” with you. Because, at the end of the day, it really does take a village.

So, whether you're already fostering or in the final stages before opening your doors, The Restore Network exists to honor your family's courageous decision to say “yes.”

Activate your Restore Network support by attending the Foster & Adopt 201 Workshop.

Who it's for: This workshop is open to all families who are enrolled in PRIDE training to become foster families as well as all current foster families. Attendance activates your Restore Network supports.

churches together for healed families


  changing the culture of foster care

so every child experiences healing.


We are a community of god's people

recruiting and supporting foster families

while advocating for a better system for kids.

Are you interested in foster care or adoption?

You could never be a foster parent. Could you?

At The Restore Network, we understand the constant back and forth in your mind about wanting to care for a vulnerable child in the foster care system.. but wondering if you're actually cut out for it.

We understand because, as The Restore Network's leadership team, we've stood precisely where you are. Then, we each held our breath, relied on our faith, and opened our homes to children who needed us. Now, as we're collectively parenting 36 children in 7 homes, we've never looked back.

Truth is - there's no promise that fostering a child is easy. But, we exist to honor a family's courageous decision to say "yes."

​Let us help you explore the sometimes complicated calling of becoming a foster parent. Register for the 101 Workshop.

Who it's for: ​This workshop is open to all families who are interested in learning more about foster care and adoption.

RESTORE network

Today there are over 14,000 children who have suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment in Illinois.

At no fault of their own, these children have been removed from their families to ensure their safety while their parents receive the help and support they need. These children need foster families who are willing to love them for a season and reconcile them safely home to their families. When family restoration is not possible, adoptive families are needed to love them for a lifetime.

There are not enough foster and adoptive homes to care for the vulnerable children in our area.

The Restore Network is a non-profit organization that engages Christian families to work together within the local churches in response to God’s call to care for vulnerable children and families.