If you give on or before Giving Tuesday, we will send you an exclusive “We give because we know” Restore Network Tshirt for every $150 donated. If you give after Giving Tuesday, we will send you the Tshirt for every $300 donated.

For updates on our “We give because we know” campaign, be sure to follow our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/therestorenetwork/.

​​​It’s no secret that the foster care system is broken. Kids shuffle from home to home, many of which are not equipped with the resources needed to really bring kids healing. But, if you’re not in a position to foster, it can feel paralyzing not knowing how to help. 

The Restore Network was created to help the church work together to respond to the needs of vulnerable children. We simply aren’t all called to foster, but we each have a part to play in a solution to a problem we can solve. It’s your financial gift that launches everything else into motion.