The Restore Network recognizes both the joys and sorrows of fostering and adopting. It is a rewarding path, but it is not easy. When a family is having a baby, their family, friends and church comes around to support them with physical and financial resources. They host baby showers. They bring meals. Someone often stays for a couple of weeks so the new parents can rest. We provide all of this support when parents have 9 months to prepare. Imagine the level of support needed for a family who is taking a child with one hour’s notice!

At the Restore Network, we understand that fostering and adoption does not happen without our crucial support teams. Support varies by county but can include:

-Meals Team: Meals are provided when a child is first placed in the foster home and for times of crisis.
-Work Team: This team is available to do minor home maintenance that may be overwhelming to foster families (mow, yard work, etc.).
-Tutoring Team: We have tutors available for students who need academic help.
-Events: We organize periodic events for foster and adoptive families (Parent's Night Out, Christmas Party, Back-to-School Bash).
-Prayer Team: This team meets in small groups and on their own to pray over needs that are updated regularly.

-Bond County Loft: We store new and used childcare items that are free for families to pick up at First Christian Church (1100 Killarney, Greenville, IL 62246). For more information, call 618-664-0652.

For More information:

If you are interested in organizing or joining a Support Team for our families, please contact us. We need teams for the above needs, but we do not want to limit your creativity. When you contact us, we will discuss your strengths and how your areas of giftedness can serve our families.