There are 101,719 non-infant children in the U.S. foster system awaiting adoption.

There are 2,936 children in Illinois waiting for a forever family.

The average age of a child waiting to be adopted from foster care is 7.8.

Over the past decade, more than 200,000 teenagers have aged out of foster care without a family. Foster youth who age out of care without a family face a difficult future.

At age 26,
-Only 40% finish high school.
-Only 4% receive a 4-year degree.
-28% could not pay rent last year.
-64% of men have been incarcerated.
-68% of women are receiving food stamps.
-The average income is $8,950.

Of practicing Christians, 38% have seriously considered adoption. Only 5% have adopted a child.

The churches of Colorado have embraced God’s call to adopt. Over the past four years, the number of children waiting to be adopted in their state has been cut from 677 to less than 300. Dr. Sharen Ford (child welfare professional) says, “There is no question who is doing it. It’s the church.” (Project 1.27 –

​The Restore Network’s Adoptive Families:
​In Psalm 68:5, we read that God is a “Father to the fatherless.” In the next verse, we discover how God cares for the fatherless: “God sets the lonely in families.” The Restore Network supports biological reunification when it can be done safely, but we recognize that it is not always possible. In these instances, children need adoptive families. The Restore Network recruits Christian families to adopt these children.

We understand that fostering and adopting can be intimidating. Because we understand that, the Restore Network is simultaneously recruiting support teams to make sure you are not alone on your journey. Support varies by county but can include:

-Meals Team: Meals are provided when a child is first placed in the foster home and for times of crisis.

-Work Team: This team is available to do minor home maintenance that may be burdensome to foster families (mow, yard work, etc.).

-Clothing Team: This team will shop for the child's most urgent needs when a placement is made (clothes, diapers, etc.).

-Support Group: We offer monthly Support Group meetings at Emmanuel Free Methodist Church in Alton for foster and adoptive families.

-Tutoring Team: We have tutors available for students who need academic help.

-Events: We organize periodic events for foster and adoptive families (Parent's Night Out, Christmas Party, Back-to-School Bash).

-Prayer Team: This team meets in small groups and on their own to pray over needs that are updated regularly.

-Bond County Loft: We store new and used childcare items that are free for families to pick up at First Christian Church (1100 Killarney, Greenville, IL 62246). For more information, call 618-664-0652.

For More information:
Join us for Foster & Adopt 101 - a workshop designed to provide families with some basic information about the process. Whether you are exploring what foster care or adoption might look like or you are committed to the journey, we encourage you to attend. Click here for upcoming events.

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